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Small Run Batch Deutz OO9 kit - part 2

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Completion of the SRB001 Freelance DEUTZ Style 0-4-0DM chassis including the running gear and motor with the bodywork following.

Body work for the SRB001 Freelance DEUTZ Style 0-4-0DM

In my first post about this new 009 kit of the Deutz I got as far as adding bal­last into the chas­sis. I then cre­at­ed added the cranks with­out the rods. This is quite a del­i­cate oper­a­tion and I need­ed to ensure the Lock­tite didn’t go into the wrong places else I would have had a seized mech­a­nism. It didn’t but it was all a bit tight.

On the advice of the kit man­u­fac­tur­er, Stu­art Brew­er, I ran a small drill with a buff­ing pad up against the large flywheel/​gear which turned the lay-shaft and wheels. I did some clean­ing out of the threads in the screws and gears first to ensure there weren’t bits of met­al caught up as there had been a lot of swarf as I filed and drilled things on the chas­sis. After about 5 min­utes each way with the drill the mech­a­nism was run­ning a lot more freely.

I start­ed the body — the foot­plate is a lit­tle thin so you need to be care­ful not to bend it in the con­struc­tion. The first step was to make the bon­net up and I found the riv­et­ed strips quite tricky as they want to slide around out of place! For the bot­tom ones make sure you leave the tabs pro­trud­ing. I didn’t at first and this caused some pain lat­er when adding the bon­net and cab sub­assem­bly to the footplate!

The cab sides are straight­for­ward, the port­holes are del­i­cate — leave the crosshair wire fret in the hole to help you Cen­tre the win­dow frames. There are two tiny strips to be added to each side of each door­way and this is quite tricky to get it spot on.

The roof has a dou­ble curve but is rea­son­ably easy to fit if you make small adjust­ments and keep offer­ing up to the cab.

I then added the crank rods hav­ing made them a loose enough fit. Next, the pick­ups were installed which was fid­dly but works well. The phos­phor bronze pick­ups were curved a lit­tle so that their springi­ness ensured there will be con­tact with the wheels at all times. Once done I test­ed the cir­cuits with a meter to make sure there would be not short­ing. Next, I added the motor and belt dri­ve and put it on my rolling road to test. Again it was a lit­tle stiff but every­thing worked! I then oiled up the mov­ing parts and set the engine on the rolling road for 30 mins run­ning in each way.

The body was removed, cleaned and fin­ished with filler where need­ed. Then I under­coat­ed it with U-POL Acid 8 etch primer. The motor and pick­ups were removed from the chas­sis and Carrs black­en­ing used. At the moment I need to redo this — pos­si­bly paint it as well to get the fin­ish I want.

Small Run Batch Deutz OO9 kit - part 2 Gallery


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