About Simon Cox

Hi, I am one of many Simon Cox’s in the UK. I am not either of the ones that play football and I don't have a super injunction out (I don't know of a Simon Cox that does - it's just that I don't which is very untrendy). I am not the geologist, the writer, the editor, the movie maker, the broadcaster, the chef, a lawyer (there are at least two of them), but I am the one that builds websites (though there seems to be another), models narrow gauge railways and lives in Lingfield.


I am a Technical SEO (search engine optimisation consultant), web standards evangelist, content management specialist, amateur bread baker, member of the LondonEErs ExpressionEngine Group and a founding member of the Croydon Creatives social group.

Simon Cox Technical SEO

I have been practicing Search Engine Optimisation since the late 1990's when Alta Vista took notice of meta keywords -this was before Google started up! How things have changed over the years!

Twitter Chats

I am mainly on twitter as most of the worlds SEO community are active on there.
You can often find me joining in regular Twitter chats such as the following:

Mondays #ecomchat is a weekly chat about a topic on e-commerce - a ton to learn from some really knowledgeable practitioners

Wednesdays is the incredibly frantic #SEMRushchat - sponsored by SEmRush and covers a variety of topics lead by a guest host each week. Sometimes this includes a live site audit which is basically tearing apart a site - can be brutal!

Thursdays I join in two chats - firstly the occasional #DigitalOlympusChat run by the Digital Olympus conference team which has a variety of SEO related topics and that's immediately followed by #seochat which is an industry run social chat about whats happening in SEO and has some really great people involved.

Simon Cox Bread Baker

If you had a peek at my instagram feed before I shut it down you may notice the odd picture or two of loaves of bread. I don't do a lot with Instagram except post pictures of hot bread just out of the oven. I like baking bread - it is always a bit of a challenge, you can get creative with it and ultimately it tastes great!

Simon Cox narrow gauge railway modeller

As something to do with my spare time I model narrow gauge railways at 4mm to the foot scale but to a narrow gauge. I have a few articles on this site about some of the progress I have made over the years - still plenty to do!

Where you might have seen me...

A curated list of the places you may have seen me around on the web.