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Tag Soup Podcast 

Tag Soup is my occasional informal podcast rooting around under the rocks of working within the digital web, Technical SEO Auditing, SEO practices, web development and all sorts.

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Alina Ghost - podcaster and mum to be

March 20 2020 · Episode 5

I caught up with Alina Ghost who worked at Debenhams and runs her own very successful podcast SEO with Mrs Ghost - check that out too!

Carolyn Lyden - Search Hermit

February 02 2020 · Episode 4
For this episode we have Carolyn Lyden with us. Carolyn is the lead SEO plus the Owner at Search Hermit based in Virginia.

Jason Barnard - digital nomad

January 20 2020 · Episode 3
I talk to Jason Barnard about being a digital nomad, working with clients on the move, Brand SERPs and socks.

How might Artificial Intelligence tools for the web affect us? 

September 30 2015 · Episode 2

In this episode we discuss the emerging AI type tools that potentially allow anyone to build and manage websites. With Clive Walker, Dean Leigh, Sean Johnson and Simon Cox.

Hello from Tag Soup

Dec 7 2014 · Episode 1
Clive, Dean, Sarah and Simon discuss coworking, working in corporates and in-house teams in the first Tag Soup podcast

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