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Over the years I have written articles, appeared on podcasts and have been quoted for all sorts of things. I have tried to keep a record of what and where but if you have something by me that isn't on the list please tweet me about it!

Wix SEO Hub

A collaborative Google Docs content template for Wix Blogs

20 October 2022

In a post I have shared some of the workflow I have developed with Wix clients over the past few years. Hopefully it will get people thinking about their own workflows and perhaps how they could be made more robust.

Search Engine Journal - Article

202 Top SEO Experts You Should Be Following

27 March 2021

Very proud, and a bit surprised to say the least, to be in this years list of the current top SEO Experts.  


How to Find (and Never Run Out of) Inspiration with @SimonCox

2 March 2021

I was the guest host on #vcbuzz Twitter chat where we discussed Inspiration. Full set of curated tweets available at the VC Buzz website.

Semrush webinar

Wix for SEO: Separating Facts from Fiction

23 Februrary 2021

I was in the panel discussing SEO techniques on Wix and answering questions from the audience. Mordys presentation was a real eye opener for many and if you have dismissed Wix in the past it could well be worth your time to take a look now.

Wix SEO Advisory Board

10 February 2021

I am delighted to announce that I have been invited to and joined the Wix SEO Advisory Board which is made up from five other SEO industry stalwarts: Andrew 'Optimisey', Michelle Robbins, Nick LeRoy, Areej AbuAli and Cindy Krum.

Over the next six months we will endeavour to help Wix improve their platforms SEO capabilities so that small and medium business can compete even better online.

The Wix SEO advisory board - Andrew - Simon - Michelle - Nick - Areej - Cindy

The Wix SEO advisory board - Andrew Optimisey - Simon Cox - Michelle Robbins - Nick LeRoy - Areej AbuAli - Cindy Krum

Turn Digi - online conference

Adventures in the Land Of Wix 

02 July 2020

Streamed presentation on my experiences with a new client who was on the Wix Content Management System, what I learnt and how I fixed things. Little did I know at the time where that would lead (see 10th Feb 2021)!

Myposeo - Quotation

Expert’s Predictions for 2020

10 January 2020

DeepCrawl - White paper Quotation

DeepCrawl’s Ultimate Guide to Site Architecture Optimisation

7 January 2020

Serpstat - #Twitterchat

Interview With Simon Cox: Migrating Sites Like A Pro

6 Dec 2019 

Page 2 Podcast - Podcast

Ep. #27: Featuring Simon Cox, with Jacob Stoops and Jeff Louella.

24 October 2019

Claire Carlile - Local SEO Masters List

Local SEO Resources

July 2019

Kalicube - quotation in podcast

Content Creation for Voice #SEOisAEO with Alina Ghost at #BrightonSEO

6 July 2019

Kalicube - podcast interview at #takeitoffline

Google Bugbears and Gremlins #SEOisAEO with Simon Cox at #takeitoffline

7 June 2019

Search Engine Journal - Article

Pixels & Atoms: The Perks of Having a Non-Digital Hobby

31 May 2019

devMode.FM - Podcast

SEO for Web Developers: The Silence of the Chickens

1 April 2019

Netpeak Software - Quotation

Unexpected Content Digest about SEO: Vol.3

19 Feb 2019

RankRanger - Quotation


Bit of a shouty headline but some thoughts of mine on small business seo and competing against the corporates.

13 December 2018

SEO With Alina Ghost - Podcast

21 | Technical Bugbears with Google | GDPR, JS & HTML

29 October 2018

SEMrush - Webcast

Epic #SEOisAEO series: Semantic HTML5, IA and Accessibility - so many missed opportunities

02 October 2018

SEO Round Table - #Twitterchat

Twitter chat #SEOChat Opens Up On Depression Within The Search Industry

27 July 2018 


Crawl Maps Tweet Wall

15 February 2018

Profoundary - Quotation

12 Freelancers Share Their Industry Predictions for 2018

15 January 2018

Cloudways - Quotation

SEO Experts Offer Top Tips For Holiday Season

October 28 2017

Optimisey - Who to follow


17 August 2017

12 Devs of Christmas - Article


01 January 2015

A List Apart - Helping out with the Technical SEO

Simon Cox – A List Apart

You will find me helping out on A List Apart as well.