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  • Simon Cox

Medmenham walk

Sunday circular walk by the Thames

We have been look­ing for­ward to get­ting back into doing Sun­days walks after Christ­mas and today we com­plet­ed our first one of the year. It was a cir­cu­lar walk start­ing and end­ing at the Dog and Bad­ger in the vil­lage of Medmenham.

As soon as we arrived at the pub and start point we went and booked a table for when we had fin­ished the walk — always a good idea as we didn’t know how busy it got. The walk was only 3.5 miles but we gave our­selves two hours to com­plete it any­way. Boot­ed up, hats and scarves on we crossed the main road and walked down through the vil­lage, some very nice hous­es — one with field guns in the front gar­den. Fur­ther down we passed the old Abbey which is now pri­vate res­i­dences, we are led to believe, where an Oca­do van was deliv­er­ing. A far cry from its days as the infa­mous meet­ing place of the Hell-fire Club a few cen­turies past.

At the end of the road is the fer­ry slip­way where we meet the majes­tic riv­er Thames. Here we turned right and fol­lowed the riv­er. Wildlife was lim­it­ed to ducks hang­ing out at the fer­ry, a few swans tak­ing it easy and a lot of geese wan­der­ing around mak­ing a fuss. There were a lot of Geese drop­pings on the grassy banks which made walk­ing slow. There was quite a bit of flood water slight­ly inland from the riv­er but this didn’t stop progress and was ful­ly iced over.

After a mile or so we turned right hav­ing pro­gressed as far as you can along the bank and head­ed inland. The path gets a bit lost at this point since the farmer has ploughed up the fields but we final­ly realised where the foot­path was meant to be and start­ed our long trudge back through sev­er­al fields of mud to Med­men­ham (now know as Mud­men­ham to us). After a change of foot ware, we took our table in the pub and had a deli­cious Sun­day roast with sticky tof­fee pud­ding to fol­low. Bliss.

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