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Small Run Batch Deutz OO9 kit

Stuart Brewer is a fellow GDNGRS member and is one of the most accomplished model makers I know - this is his first kit and my attempts at building it.

SRB001 Freelance DEUTZ Style 0-4-0DM

Part of the premise for Stuart’s kits is that he will only do small runs. That’s how he wants to do it and he has gained a great deal of knowl­edge of his late father and the oth­er mem­bers of the GDNGRS who man­u­fac­ture kits — I am one of the few who doesn’t create kits! So if you see one of these run­ning it will prob­a­bly be a rare sight, but also will run real­ly well.

The Freelance DEUTZ Style 0-4-0DM kit com­pris­es of a nick­el sil­ver and a brass etch, and sev­er­al bags of small parts. The instruc­tions come on a small cd — I had to request a PDF from Stu­art as I no longer have a func­tion­ing CD read­er or one that will work with small for­mat CDs.

So far I am enjoy­ing build­ing this kit. The instruc­tions are very well thought through but you do need to have the right gear to get the best out of it and if you have nev­er sol­dered a brass kit togeth­er before then this shouldn’t be your first kit to try it on! The spe­cial­ist tools you will need are a 16BA tap and a good set of broach­es — I have a cheap set and am now on the look­out for a much bet­ter set of broach­es as the cheap plas­tic han­dles on mine keep shattering.

One of the first things I won­dered was with the brass sleeve you put on the axle — this could have been 7.3mm in length thus giv­ing the ide­al back to back for the wheels though per­haps hav­ing room to adjust the wheels might be more impor­tant — just a thought as I don’t have any pri­or expe­ri­ence to call on.

The most dif­fi­cult part was the con­struc­tion of the cranks and the instruc­tions do alert you to this and are clear­ly writ­ten to help you go through this. Sol­der­ing the three frame­works with the cranks togeth­er before you actu­al­ly sol­der the cranks togeth­er real­ly helps. I did that and tapped the holes for the crank pins while it was still on the fret. the instruc­tions state you should broach the axle holes in the cranks while on the fret as well but I had no spare rod of the axle size and there isn’t room to offer up the axles in the frame so I did the broach­ing after the cranks were cut out of the fret.

When I first exam­ined one of Stuart’s pro­to­types for this kit I was pleased with the weight he had man­aged to pack in. The cor­ner bal­last box­es can indeed be bulked up with lead and to achieve this I capped the bot­tom of each cor­ner with some spare brass sheet cut to size and sol­dered in. I then filled each with lead shot and cov­ered in epoxy glue. this has pro­vid­ed a good amount of weight into the frame which will give the loco a much smoother ride.

Small Run Batch Deutz OO9 kit Gallery


And there is more...

In part two of the Small Run Batch Deutz OO9 kit build I com­plete the chas­sis and move onto the body­work to com­plete this superb kit.


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