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  • Simon Cox

Star Wars day

May the 4th be with you

The 4th day of May is tra­di­tion­al­ly Star Wars day where all Star Wars fans cel­e­brate this ground break­ing series of films. Not George Lucas though — he missed a gold­en mar­ket­ing oppor­tu­ni­ty by miss­ing the 4th of may and releas­ing the orig­i­nal film on May 25th 1977.

It was even men­tioned in the Hous­es of Par­lia­ment — Hansard 4th May 1994

Mr. Cohen : Thank you, Mr. Deputy Speak­er. If that point of order was an allu­sion to me, I can tell the hon. Gen­tle­man that I was here for the open­ing speech­es, and for some of the speech­es that followed.

May the fourth is an appro­pri­ate date for a defence debate. My researcher, who is a bit of a wit, said that it should be called nation­al star wars day. He was talk­ing about the film ​“Star Wars” rather than Pres­i­dent Reagan’s defence fan­ta­sy, and he added, ​“May the fourth be with you.” That is a very bad joke ; he deserves the sack for mak­ing it, but he is a good researcher.

To cel­e­brate this momen­tous occa­sion here is the bril­liant Eddie Izzard’s Star Wars Can­teen sketch in Lego: Eddie Izzard- Death Star Can­teen on Youtube


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