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Whitesands Quay - Row of cottages - chimney pots

Updated: Feb 28

Some finishing touches including new chimney pots

Replacing the chimney pots

Hav­ing built the row of cot­tages kit from Scalescenes i had added small pieces of styrene tube as chim­ney pots with the inten­tion of paint­ing them ter­ra cot­ta. How­ev­er I noticed that the chim­ney pots in the pho­tos on the Scalescenes web site seem to be the white met­al cast ones from Lan­g­ley.

I pur­chased a cou­ple of pack­ets at the Chatham mod­el rail show, I was there oper­at­ing Pagham Har­bour (009) on one of its last ever out­ings, and I have now paint­ed them and stuck them on the chim­ney stacks and weath­ered them in.

While I was at it I added bird mess on the roofs as I will be perch­ing some seag­ulls, Dart Cast­ings and cur­rent­ly being paint­ed, on the roof line — though I might wait till the cot­tages are mount­ed in the scenery to make sure noth­ing gets knocked off.

Whitesands Quay chimney pots


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